Our Trip To Bali

On the second week of June, we travelled to Denpasar for our first trip as The Getaway. Here are the stories and the photos of the places that we went to while we were there.

We landed at around 8:15 in the morning in Denpasar. We are greeted by our tour guide and our driver who would join us on our itineraries in Bali. (Tbh, we got scared because they were both male and we're the only ones in that car but they ended up being kind to us ☺︎)

Since we arrived early, our hotel room isn't ready to be occupied yet. So we walked to the nearest mall to find a place to eat. We ended up in Starbucks. (lol) 

We changed our outfits for the afternoon and strolled around Discovery Shopping Mall 'till we reached the beach on its other side. As you can tell from the pictures, the tide's low and the rocks were slippery to step onto... but we managed. ☺︎ We also took advantage of the golden hour and we took many many selfies.

As for dinner, we ate at Spice Mantraa located across the shopping mall that we previously stated. The food isn't our fave and it was expensive as well. (Our two course meal ended up being around Php 1,500.00. Yikes!) But you might enjoy it more than we do, so check them out if you're into Indian cuisine.

For our second day, we travelled to Bali's countryside to see more of their culture. We got to see artists dyeing white garments with batik (a technique of using wax-resist dye on cloth) and bought handkerchiefs from there because the other things were too expensive haha. 

We went by the wood carving shop to see how they create these amazing masterpieces. Most of the sculptures take a few days to two years depending on its scale and if the artists are in the mood to make sculptures. Everything is extremely well-done and we got to learn about the background of their work.

You could see how foggy it is on our next destination. We travelled for a couple of hours to reach one of the highest peaks in Bali. This is the Ulun Danu Bratan Temple located 1200m above sea level gaining its other name, Lake of Holy Mountain. It was 17° C the day we came. 

It was our first time seeing rice terraces in person... we took a long stroll throughout the area and it was so flaming and therapeutic lol! We're glad that this one is still in a pristine condition than the one we have here in the Philippines.

We also went to souvenir shops and stopped by a coffee and tea farm where we got to try their different products and also saw luwaks (and how luwak coffee is made) and learned about them.

We went to Tanah Lot Temple to catch the sunset. (Unfortunately, it was a 'lil cloudy that day) We touched the Holy Snakes, tried the Holy Water (that's where we got these flowers and rice grains on our forehead after we were blessed), took pictures and just be endeared by how the place looks in general. It's great that we went there when the tide was low... because the temple is in the middle of the sea most of the time and people couldn't really access it.

During our last full day in Bali, we took an uber to reach Seminyak and ate in Motel Mexicola. You guys should definitely visit this place when you come here. It's completely picturesque and their food is A+++!

Afterwards, we just roamed around the city to find malls and did a bit of last minute shopping before we head back to Manila the next day after.

All in all, it was an amazing experience to be there and we would definitely come back. Thank you for the amazing experiences, Bali!

If you want to see more of our trip, head back to the blog next week to see Ara's Bali vlog! ☺︎

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